1. Is the jewellery engraved by a machine?

No machines are involved in the process of hand stamping, it is all done by hand. This can sometimes mean slightly uneven stamping but this should not be seen as a flaw - it is the beauty of handmade and makes your Tiny Treasure completely unique.

2. Can the wording on jewellery be changed?

Yes! Because each item is made to order you can choose to have whatever wording you wish, so long as it fits.

3. How many letters can fit on the jewellery?

Each listing gives details of the maximum number of characters which will fit. If you are unsure please do message me for some guidance.

4. How do I calculate the number of characters?

Simply write your wording down and count the number of characters. You need to include letters, number, symbols, punctuation marks and spaces.

Where names are separated by a symbol, such as a heart or an asterisk (*), you DO NOT need to include a space between the last/first letters of the name. The maximum number of characters stated does allow for a little extra spacing so that the names are not too squashed.  In the case of phrases the spaces between words DO need to be counted.  If you are unsure about your calculations please do message me for some guidance.

5. How long does an order take?

I advise customers to allow up to 4 weeks for orders to be completed (please refer to the T&Cs) as each order is handmade and the process cannot be rushed. I normally complete orders within 2 weeks but at busier times of the year, such as Christmas and Mother's Day, the turnaround time on orders will more than likely be the 4 weeks.

6. Do I need to sign for my order when it's delivered?

Yes, you do.  All items are sent via a method which will require a signature - either first class Signed For or Special Delivery.

7. Do the necklaces all come with chains?

Following on from customer demand all pendants are available with or without chains and you can make this choice via the drop down menu on each necklace listing - choose either pendant only or choose one of 4 different chain styles in a suitable length.  All prices shown on the main listings are for the pendant only - when you make your chain choice the price will adjust accordingly.

8. I like long chains so can you make a longer chain to go with my pendant?

In many cases longer chains are possible.  Please contact me should you require a longer chain and I can advise you accordingly.

9. Can I get a refund if I return my order to you?

If your item is not custom made or has no personalisation you can return the item within 14 days but please contact us in the first instance so that we may give you return instructions. Personalised and bespoke items are non-refundable.

10. Can I wear my jewellery when I go swimming or leave it on when I go to bed?

Your Tiny Treasure needs to be well looked after to keep it looking beautiful and it's not recommended that jewellery is worn whilst swimming, showering, bathing or sleeping. All sterling silver items will be sent with a sheet of silver care instructions. Please be sure to read them and keep them in a safe place for future reference.

11. I bought a necklace from you with the names of my children but I've had another baby so can an extra name be added?

In most cases I'm afraid it's not possible to add an additional name to an existing design.  What you can do, though, is return your jewellery to me and I can redo the stamped component to add the extra name.  This works out less expensive than ordering a complete new item as I can re-use the chain, charms/crystals etc.  Please contact me to discuss this.

12. I have an idea in mind for an item of jewellery but I can't find anything similar on your website.....

No problem at all!  We welcome customer requests and if you contact us we can talk through your ideas to see if we can come up with something suitable.

13. Can I have a name stamped on the back of my jewellery?

Unfortunately, the stamping process leaves a slight scuff mark (which is disguised by giving the reverse side a brushed finish) on the reverse side so it's not possible on many of the designs.  There are a select few designs which can be stamped on both sides and it will state this in the listing.  On some occasions I may be able to cut some thicker silver so please do contact me to ask.

14. I don't have a Paypal account so I guess I can't order?

You don't need a Paypal account to pay for an order on the website.  As well as using a Paypal account you can pay using a credit or debit card - payments are processed through Paypal but you do not actually need to hold an account.

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