Those infamous Ts!

Tuesday 5th December 2017

My first blog post so I thought I'd dedicate it to those infamous Ts....and my newly earned rights to use them!

Many of you are probably aware of the chaos which occured earlier this year over the use of the TT trademark by certain businesses. I'm not going to get into the legalities of or give my personal view on the situation but I totally understand the need to protect a trademark. I'd been trying for quite some time to obtain the licence to produce official TT jewellery (the Vision 9 fiasco kind of put a halt on that for a short while as the DED stopped taking applications for licences) because I believe having officially endorsed merchandise gives a customer that bit of extra trust in a business and their goods. I also wanted desperately to be able to use those infamous Ts in my designs!

After many months and many emails I finally suceeded in March this year and the elusive licence was mine! Since announcing my jewellery was now official TT merchandise I've definitely seen a boost to my business...especially these past couple of months in the run up to Christmas.

Since cutting my first TT outline pendant back in February 2015 I now have a large range off TT themed jewellery for men and women and I was thrilled in April last year when local jewellers Celtic Gold contacted me to discuss stocking my range in their Peel shop. Celtic Gold also hold a licence to produce official TT jewellery and we now have a great working relationship and are proud to be the only official producers of TT jewellery on the island.

I have some exciting plans to expand my range of both TT and Manx themed jewellery in this space!

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